Moonsyst Supports Spring Calving

09 May 2021

Note: Shown above is a distribution of when the registered alerts occurred in advance of the calving event (time verified by farm managers) 


During the Spring of 2021, the team at Moonsyst worked closely with farms in Etyek, Hungary and Offaly, Ireland to analyse the effectiveness of Moonsyst’s Calving Alerts.


The current system takes account of Rumen Temperature changes, Activity and known Insemination date to monitor the pregnancy. The team at Moonsyst will continue to optimise the calving alert algorithms, as more and more data is gathered from the monitored farms. That said, some interesting trends are developing.


Of all calving events registered, Moonsyst alerted more than 85% successfully. 75% of the calving alerts generated between 4 and 16 hours before calving . The detailed results can be seen in the graphs and table above.