Moonsyst now part of Agri IoT Ltd.

01 September 2022

Press Release: Moonsyst Smart Technology System for Sustainable Irish Livestock Farming


'Desmond Savage, Director Moonsyst International Ltd. with Conor O'Leary dairy farmer and Cork Central IFA representative, in Donoughmore, where Moonsyst have deployed their Smart Rumen Bolus Solution.'


Moonsyst International Ltd, a Cork based provider of smart rumen monitoring systems for dairy and beef cattle has been acquired by Agri IoT Ltd, securing additional investment and expanded its senior management team.  With sales in Ireland, Europe and North America, Moonsyst are planning to expand in Ireland and globally over the coming years.


The Moonsyst solution presents farmers with an easy-to-use cloud-based technology that monitors all facets of the individual animal in real time, while contributing to more sustainable farming practises. It consists of a rumen bolus sensor and a cloud based data processing application, with an associated mobile app. The sensor is swallowed by the animal where it sinks to the bottom of the rumen/stomach and settles in the reticulum for the duration of the animal’s life.


The sensor is capable of multiple physiological and chemical data monitoring eg. pH level, temperature, rumen and body activity and has a lifespan of more than six years. The system can alert farmers of:

  • Calving
  • Heat & Repeats
  • Fever
  • Abnormal water intake
  • Other health related issues


This will allow the farmer to make more efficient and effective decisions to increase their livestock’s fertility and performance, while maximising productivity and avoiding potential health problems.


Speaking on behalf of Moonsyst International, co-founder and COO, Desmond Savage says, “The Moonsyst Monitoring System collects data from the animal via a communication gateway to dedicated cloud-based servers. This means that farmers can access specific information anywhere via our Mooncloud app. This app works 24/7 to provide accurate information to provide the farmer with relevant and timely data on their livestock that is accessible on smartphone, tablet or computer.


Automated heat detection and health monitoring systems can reduce time watching your livestock and act as an early warning system with animal heat and health alerts sent directly to your smartphone. With this information to hand, farmers can better understand the health of their animals and optimise the feed conversion rates, which in turn will minimise the biogenic emissions, helping the environment.”


He continued, “Metrics matter when it comes to making long term decisions on the future of Irish farming and the current metrics on which the Irish government are basing their decisions, namely biogenic methane reduction and reducing the national herd are wrong, in my opinion. Ireland has the opportunity to be a leader in sustainable farming practises which will benefit Irish farming families and the wider world, as the demand for animal proteins continues to rise.


More focus needs to be placed on improving animal efficiencies in dairy and meat production. By incentivising farmers to better understand the health of their herd they can optimise feed conversion rates and in turn minimise biogenic emissions and help the environment in the long term. A “quick and fast” solution is never the answer when farming the land or planning for the future, therefore a longer-term sustainable approach is key and Irish farmers are well placed to take the lead on this. With the assistance of Moonsyst, farmers can work smarter and more sustainably and the benefits for the environment and animal health will be seen. This is what the government should be focused on for the continued success of Irish farming.”


Moonsyst International Ltd., is supported by the Cork North & West Local Enterprise Office (LEO).