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Plug & Play Installation | 24/7 Rumen Monitoring | Optimized for Phone, Tablet and PC | Realtime Access via Cloud Computing | 6+ years Battery Life | Maintenance free | Can integrate with other Farm Systems

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The boluses are maintenance-free devices, ready to use out of the box. The bolus is designed to be easily swallowed and will stay in the rumen (specifically reticulum) during the lifetime of the animal.

The Moonsyst Monitoring System collects data from the animal via a communication Gateway, to dedicated cloud-based servers. Farmers can access their specific information anywhere, anytime via our Mooncloud software application.

Mooncloud will work for you 24/7, providing accurate information enabling you make the best decisions to maximise the efficiency of your farm.


The Rumen Bolus is a sensor that is orally administered by a farmer or a veterinarian, using a standard bolus gun. Once inserted, the bolus will remain in the rumen (specifically reticulum).

Each bolus has a unique ID that can be associated with the animal. The material of the bolus is an acid proof resin which protects the electronic parts and causes no harm inside the animal. The bolus is equipped with a battery that has a 6+ years life span.

The Smart Rumen Bolus is designed to capture animal activity, rumen temperature and movement. The bolus can be applied to animals of 350+ kgs. Once inserted into the animal, the bolus communicates with a Gateway, over a wide geographical area. The Gateway is a plug & play solution that is normally installed at a cattle barn.

size: 100 mm × 32 mm // weight: cca. 200g


The Mooncloud has been designed based on farmers needs. The system helps to manage your animal’s health and lactation cycles. Mooncloud is going to be your newest colleague helping you optimise your herds management of health and outputs.

Mooncloud can be accessed by a phone, tablet or PC anywhere, anytime. The software provides a dedicated location for livestock information. Through simple graphical visualisation of this information, actionable management decisions are presented to farmers, vets and feeding experts on the health, wellbeing, reproduction and nutrition at animal and herd level.

Mooncloud supports push notifications directly to the App and email, that helps improve the daily routine on the farm and work-life balance. The Mooncloud software will also alert the farmer of any changes to an animal’s rumen temperature or activity, such as changes in drinking habits.

The benefits of mooncloud and the smart rumen bolus

The operation of Mooncloud supports the process of calving, facilitates insemination and helps prevent diseases. Mooncloud will work for you 24/7, providing accurate information enabling you make the best decisions to maximise the efficiency of your farm. Specific areas where Mooncloud will help include:

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with moonsyst


Time consuming manual approach, that is very dependent on expert herdsmanship

On-going activity and rumen temperature monitoring

Individual animal heats identified and predicted through the use of Artificial Intelligence

No heats missed!


Based on human observation and visual monitoring

Heats predicted and optimal window for insemination sent directly to your phone

Improved success rates with insemination


Relies heavily on herdsmanship

Real time monitoring of cow’s behaviour and health

Real time alerts of calving events (days/hours in advance)


Intervention after clinical symptoms revealed

Advanced warning of health concerns

Enable timely and targeted medication treatments

Less use of antibiotics


Not monitored

Precise monitoring

Feeds into animal health monitoring

Technology enhancing expert herdsmanship.

understanding lactation and dry periods within mooncloud

Within the Mooncloud application, each cow’s specific status can be set. The length of these status periods can be tailored to a farm’s need. Shown below is an example of a cow’s yearly cycle.

Post calving the voluntary waiting period typically lasts two months, ending automatically in Mooncloud. Heat alerts (e.g. direct to phone) are then activated as part of the ‘Reproduction’ period, where possible heats are identified. If a confirmed ‘Insemination’ task is complete, the status of the cow will change automatically to ‘Inseminated’. Mooncloud will continue to monitor the cow for heat detection and generate a ‘Possible Open’ alert if a heat is detected post insemination. Following a positive pregnancy check(s), a task is generated to change the status of the cow to ‘Pregnant’. The system will continuously monitor the status of the cow and any health concerns alerted.

With a successful pregnancy roughly two months in advance of calving, Mooncloud will generate a ‘Drying Off’ task. Various ‘Calving’ alerts can then be generated, in accordance with the farm’s need. During calving, Mooncloud continues to monitor the cow’s health status pre and post the birth throughout this critical time.


Alerts or Push Notifications have the potential to be farmers best friends in herd management. The algorithms and Artificial Intelligence makes alerts possible by continuously monitoring your cow's data.

Here you can see what kind of alerts we have and how they support your work on the farm. Defaults are useful, however you can change the sensitivity. Moonsyst offers you the flexibility to suit everything which is important for you.


At reproduction period increasing rumen temperature and activity is equal to HEAT.

The insemination task will come up after the confirmed heat alert.

If the animal is already inseminated or pregnant, a new heat could signal the possibility of previous insemination failure or a high risk of abortion.


Mooncloud will know the cow’s average rumen temperature. Any significant fluctuations in temperature will be flagged by the system and alert you to check your animal.

This potentially can prevent illnesses before clinical symptoms show up.


Based on the habits of the animal if there is a significant change in her water intakes within a day, this could flag a potential health concern.


Mooncloud can identify rumen temperature drops and changes in activity prior to calving, generating Calving Alerts hours in advance.


Both alerts based on herd and individual averages can be raised for unusual activity.


Tasks are automatically generated after an alert is confirmed. The confirmations are manual depending on your decision.

Simplifying your herd management, Mooncloud helps to manage your duties during the most important stages of the breeding process.


At reproduction period, a confirmed heat alert generates the insemination task.

If insemination complete, confirm your cow to move the next stage of the lactation. (Inseminated).


Based on life periods and defaulted settings this task will appear a month after insemination to check your cow.


According to the settings, several days after the first pregnancy check there can be an additional alert to ensure pregnancy.


If all the previous tasks complete, the drying off task will show up two months before the estimated calving date.