DAIRY FARM | 200 COWS | Co. Tipperary, Ireland

Shane Seymour

I installed the Moonsyst Health Monitoring system across my whole herd late last year. As the cows started to calf in early spring, I found the Calving alerts a blessing, giving me an opportunity to move cows quickly onto straw bedding in my calving pens. With cows spending less time on straw, I saved a lot on bedding costs.

Cold and hot temperature alerts post-calving were a game-changer for me, as they picked up cows that needed treatment early.

My aim was to tighten up my calving, and as I do all my own AI with both morning and evening serves, I was relying on conventional heat aids and manually recording heats in the pre-breeding season, which I found to be very time-consuming. Moonsyst pre-breeding reports with predicted next heat date is an excellent feature that took all the hard work out of my breeding season. Moonsyst heat alerts were spot on every time, which gave me great confidence to spend more time off-farm without the worry of missed heats.

If you want a really good second set of eyes on your herd 24/7, Moonsyst is without any doubt the way to go.

Shane Seymour
Dairy Farmer
Co. Tipperary