DAIRY FARM | 200 COWS | Co. Waterford, Ireland

Gavin Dower

I installed the Moonsyst Health monitoring system in March of this year, and right away, I noticed its benefits. The high-temperature alerts helped catch early-stage pneumonias in some cows. Even though they were eating well and producing milk normally, they were seen and treated by our vet and recovered quickly with no drop in milk yield.

The system made breeding so much easier with Moonsyst heat detection alerts, and a great feature of the system is the insemination window countdown clock, which took all the guess work out of insemination timing.

The pre-breeding reports helped me identify cows with cycling issues, and with the intervention by my vet, we managed to get them back on track and successfully inseminated them all. The combination of excellent customer support and detailed breeding reports this breeding season has been a game-changer, taking all the hard work out of the job.

The system has provided me with an additional set of eyes on my herd's health, and I can confidently monitor them even when I'm away, allowing for a better work-life balance.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the system and would gladly recommend it to others seeking to improve their breeding practices and cow health.

Gavin Dower
Dairy Farmer
Co. Waterford