Remote cattle monitoring

05 March 2019

In livestock farming, monitoring the physiological functions of cows is key for efficient operation and production. Deploying different monitoring devices means operating in an unstable network and having high costs for gateways, relays and cabling to achieve coverage. This is challenging for larger and outdoor farms. T-Systems Hungary, Magyar Telekom and their solution partner Moonsyst Inc. found the perfect solution: They equip a smart rumen bolus monitoring device with an NB-IoT SIM card. Now, thanks to NB-IoT’s deep coverage features, the device has a stable connection and reports the pH level and the tempera- ture of the rumen every ten minutes. Whenever the values reach a critical level, the farmer is alerted via a push message, giving him the ability to adjust conditions accordingly. Further, the smart rumen bolus is equipped with a gyro sensor. This allows activity tracking, such as general movement and heat detection.

Being proud of the 'business-friendship' of T-Systems building our unique Smart Monitoring System together.