Rumen Monitoring Solution


for dairy and beef cattle

The Moonsyst Smart Rumen Monitoring System collects real time information from inside cattle. This information enables farmers to accurately detect heats, monitor health conditions and ultimately improve productivity. The Moonsyst Smart Rumen Monitoring System is supported by cloud based software that can be accessed on a phone and PC.

The software uses artificial intelligence to predict health and heat events related to the animal. The more information collected the more accurate predictions become, helping the farmer with livestock management 24/7.

System features &
monitoring points

Plug & Play Installation | 24/7 Rumen Monitoring | Optimized for Phone, Tablet and PC | Realtime Access via Cloud Computing | 6+ years Battery Life | Maintenance free | Can integrate with other Farm Systems

Heat Detection

Rumen Temperature

Health Conditions

Water Intake


Rumen pH


The boluses are maintenance free devices, ready to use out of the box. The bolus is designed to be easily swallowed and will stay in the rumen (specifically reticulum) during the lifetime of the animal.

The Moonsyst Monitoring System collects data from the animal via a communication Gateway, to dedicated cloud based servers. Farmers can access their specific information anywhere, anytime via our Mooncloud software application.

Mooncloud will work for you 24/7, providing accurate information enabling you make the best decisions to maximise the efficiency of your farm.

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The Rumen Bolus is a sensor that is orally administered by a farmer or a veterinarian, using a standard bolus gun. Once inserted, the bolus will remain in the rumen (specifically reticulum).

Each bolus has a unique ID that can be associated with the animal. The material of the bolus is an acid proof resin which protects the electronic parts and causes no harm inside the animal. The bolus is equipped with a battery that has a 6+ years life span.

The Smart Rumen Bolus is designed to capture animal activity, rumen temperature and movement. The bolus can be applied to animals of 350+ kgs. Once inserted into the animal, the bolus communicates with a Gateway, over a wide geographical area. The Gateway is a plug & play solution that is normally installed at a cattle barn.

Size of the bolus: 32mm diameter and 100mm length, the weight approx 200g

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